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W e d d i n g s  &  e v e n t s


We love designing for weddings- it's our sole focus. If you're planning an event head over to our wedding process page to learn a bit about how we do things and what to expect with our process. We've also created a handy dandy average pricing guide for you to look over. This guide will help you plan your wedding flowers and see if we're the right fit for you.

F u n e r a l s  &  C e l e b r a t I o n s  o f  l I f e


We're always honored to help celebrate one's life with our flowers.

We offer casket sprays, easel sprays, large pedestals arrangements, centerpieces and more. Reach out by email at to check our availability and pricing. Minimum order of $700.

areas that are not our focus

– single bouquets / bouquets for delivery

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