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INFormation & Processes

T h i s  i s  u s u a l l y  h o w  t h i n g s  g o  d o w n: 

So you've checked out our social media, website photos, our pricing guide ...and have decided we're a match made in heaven (kind of like you & your boo.)


The next step is heading to our short & easy Inquiry Form, which includes some questions to give us an idea of your event, desired items, floral budget etc.

Once you submit your inquiry form, we'll be notified and will reach out to you via email to get our floral conversation started & set up a meeting to chat specifics.

In our first meeting, we'll dive deeper into your style, wedding details + bounce ideas together. After we chat, we will take anywhere from one to three weeks to generate an estimate and proposal for your wedding. 

You look it over, you dig it, so you decide to hire us for your big day

We say, "Yay!" ... then send you a contract to sign

You look it over, send us back the signed contract and your a deposit of about 30% -

and then you are officially booked and your wedding date is secured with us

Then we let out a big "Woohoo!!!" because we just made a new friend.

Our policies - 

  • Don't feel like you have to have everything figured out. Even after you sign the contract, you are able to make changes to quantities, concepts, etc. until 3 weeks before the wedding, however:

  • Although you may make changes to your order up until 3 weeks prior to your event, we ask that you don't decrease your order by more than 25% of the contracted floral order within 6 months of your event. We reserve your day, hire freelancers in advance + turn away other clients in anticipation of your order. Changes within this 25% are totally welcome, though, which is plenty of wiggle room for changes.

  • You pay in two installments. A deposit upon booking and a final payment 3 weeks prior to your wedding.

  • Your deposit is non-refundable is usually about 30% of your order. It of course goes towards your final balance.

Check out our average pricing guide found here:

pricing guide 

This is not a substitute for a quote for your event- every event is different and requires an individual estimate based on your customizations, but hopefully it is a helpful tool as you begin to plan your wedding, and see if we're the right fit for you.

Click here for our:

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