T h i s  i s  u s u a l l y  h o w  t h i n g s  g o  d o w n: 

You first check out our photos, our pricing guide, & availability calendar and see we're in your budget, totally your style, and available on your date. Perf!


So you hit us up because you like what you see

We'll reply and may ask you to fill out our Google Form. It is some questions to give us an idea of your event, desired items, etc. and sometimes if you give us detailed answers and photos we can give you a rough estimate after viewing it.


But, we can also skip over the google form and go straight to an in-person consultation. They're free, with no obligations, and include a 1-on-1 coffee or wine date with Anna. This is our favorite way to do things. We want to meet you! And learn all about your vision. We'll discuss all you're floral needs, what you like/dislike, etc. Then we will take anywhere from one to three weeks to generate an estimate and proposal of ideas for your wedding. 

You look it over, and you dig it, so you decide to hire us for your big day

We say, "Yay!" ... then take a few days and then send you a contract and finalized estimate

You look it over, and send us a scan of your handwritten signature on the contract, plus a deposit of about 30% - and then you're all booked and your wedding date is secured with us

Our policies - 

  • Don't feel like you have to have everything figured out. Even after you sign the contract, you are able to make changes to quantities, concepts, etc. until 3 weeks before the wedding, BUT:

  • Although you may make changes to your order up until 3 weeks prior to your event, you cannot decrease total flower order by more than 25%. We booked & reserved your day and likely turned away other clients in anticipation of a certain amount of work for your event date. Changes within this 25% are totally welcome, though.

  • You pay in two installments. A deposit upon booking and a final payment 3 weeks prior to your wedding.

  • Your deposit is non-refundable is usually about 30% of your order. It of course goes towards your final balance.

Check out our average pricing guide here:

pricing guide - pdf

This is not a substitute for a quote for your event- every event is so different and requires an individual estimate based on your customizations, but hopefully it is a helpful tool as you begin to plan your wedding, and see if we're the right fit for you.

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