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h e l l o.  i' m  a n n a

Hi, I'm anna - I'm the owner and lead designer of Mimosa Floral Co.

My floral journey started at age 20 - when I suddenly realized that it was possible to design the life you wanted, to have a creative career, and to truly love what you do. 

I am always asked, "how did you get interested in floral design?"

I don't have a clear answer for this, and I often reply that I don't know, or that it just fell into my lap. But, here's my go at it: 


My path into floral design was an important part of my growth as a human. Without getting into the hokey pokey details, I want you to know that choosing to start this business was not only a beginning into a fun new hobby. It represented a major shift in my spirit. Discovering I could express myself in this new form, gaining the confidence to learn and make mistakes in those early years, experiencing the joy + hardships of pouring my entire being into a business, learning to speak up and take up space in this world.

In short, the blooms allowed me to bloom. 

I have a theory that spending your life creating beautiful things- physical, metaphysical, anything-outside-yourself things, is the path to happiness. Creating good food, friendships, paintings, laughter, gardens, music, education, grand events, works of art, and creating love, are all things that humans put out into this world as an extension of themselves. To find a way to express yourself and spike your imagination, to simply share your zest for life with those around you- is life's greatest gift.


When you book with me, you're gaining a friend. I love the deeply personal connections that this job has allowed me to create. Getting to see all of the small intimate moments between a couple on their wedding day, seeing tears in everyone's eyes (including mine!) as vows are exchanged, and getting to follow along on instagram and see couples buy their first home, have babies, and just do life together... it makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger. 


f o l l o w  a l o n g  o n  o u r  i n s t a g r a m

mostly flowers, some behind the scenes of designing florals, and some occasional pets or husband photos :)

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