We offer floral design services in and around Portland, OR.

Our main service is weddings, but we love events of all types and are open to travel. We also ship select fresh items throughout the continental u.s. via our website on Etsy (check it out here.) Our signature design style is wild greenery mixed with lush, fluffy blooms.

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this is a mimosa tree

They are native to Southwest and Eastern Asia, but I grew up with one in my backyard in Portland, Oregon. Many people call them 'Sensitive Trees' because of their life-like emotional reaction to touch. When touched, they close up their leaves like a little human shying away. When the sun goes down, they again curl and fold their leaves, like they're nuzzling in to sleep for the night. 


This was my favorite tree as a young girl.

I watched this rare tree bud, blossom and bloom year after year. I climbed and awed at its beautiful pink blooms, curiously watched it shy away, sleep at night, and smelled its graceful flower's fragrance a thousand times. And now, I let its name guide me through the floral industry with its delicate, sensitive personality.

Here's to allowing our child-like curiosity and fascinations seep into all aspects of our adult life. To never forgetting how small fond childhood memories can greatly shape who we become. And to never underestimating the power and beauty of being sensitive. 


Owner & Creator of Mimosa Floral Company